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Purchasing Aftermarket Parts and Service

If you reside in California, please view our CA Legal Notices page.

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For customers purchasing aftermarket parts or services from GAP Tuning LLC or

Customer upon signing estimates and receipts of purchase, acknowledges that any repairs using parts not made by the vehicle’s manufacturer (commonly known as “aftermarket parts”) may lead to the following:

  • Lease or Finance Violation: Some lease and finance contracts require the purchaser or lessee to make repairs using only original manufacturer parts (“OEM Parts”). Aftermarket parts used in repairs may violate these contracts.
  • Decrease in Value: Repairs made using aftermarket parts may lead to increased depreciation and lost vehicle value.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Some vehicle manufacturers require that all repairs be made using only OEM parts. Use of aftermarket parts may void vehicle warranties.

In recognition of the above risks, GAP Tuning LLC shall not use any parts for repairs unless those parts are approved for use by Customer. It is advised that Customer take the above risks into account when choosing parts for necessary repairs. 

While Customer has the sole right to choose which parts are used for repairs to the listed vehicle, GAP Tuning LLC reserves the right to exercise professional judgement and refuse to make repairs using parts which are deemed inadequate or unsafe.